Perceived Usefulness, Experience and FinTech Acceptance in Pakistan: An Economic Analysis


  • Kashif Azeem Superior University, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Salman Masood Sheikh Superior University, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Saif Ur Rahman Superior University, Lahore, Pakistan.



Economic Factors of Fintech Adoption, Financial Technology (Fintech), Technology Adoptation Model (TAM), Blockchain, Trust, Experience and Socio-Culture


FinTech is an innovative digital financial solution that rapidly invade the banking and financial markets. It moves the world economy into digitally design technology known as palm technology. However, the acceptability of new blockchain based technology in this new era of digital economy face multiple challenges for customer acceptance. The backbox is much clear and need to fill the gap until now. Furthermore in many platforms it is misunderstood till now need the quantitative research to elaborate the economic effect of FinTech with blockchain technology. In this paper estimate blockchain usability for investigate the elements of trust has an impact on customers' willingness to use blockchain digital banking funds management and its economical impact on GDP growth of country. Methodology use in this paper to investigate the FinTech acceptance in the mind of users quantitative research. Questionnaire filled by the target audience to get the primary data. Moreover, in this research paper Smart PLS4 used to obtain finding of research. In this research study the proposed new investigation model help to solve the complexity of technology: The Technology acceptance Model (TAM) with newly introduced Several blockchain-related variables technology adoption charters such as experience, trust, socio-culture. The survey was conducted among the users that helps to identify the variables impact of users and their intention. The finding of this research indicates the powerful construct, (experience and trust) that encourage the FinTech institutions to adopt the application based on blockchain technology. The experience of customers encourage the trust and adoption of blockchain technology applications. The business societies and government institutes put efforts for enhance the users trust that helps to accept the blockchain technology and its based FinTech applications for banks and financial institutions.


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Author Biographies

Kashif Azeem, Superior University, Lahore, Pakistan.

Ph.D. Scholar, Faculty of Economics and Commerce

Salman Masood Sheikh, Superior University, Lahore, Pakistan.

Dean/Professor, Faculty of Economics and Commerce

Saif Ur Rahman, Superior University, Lahore, Pakistan.

Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics and Commerce




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Azeem, K., Sheikh, S. M., & Rahman, S. U. (2023). Perceived Usefulness, Experience and FinTech Acceptance in Pakistan: An Economic Analysis. Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 11(4), 4333–4348.

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