Aim and Scope

iRASD-JER aims to provide a valued platform for the audience of teachers, counselors, supervisors, administrators, curriculum planners, and educational researchers who are concerned with cutting-edge theories and empirical research in the discipline of education. The journal is also committed to contributing to the advancement of elementary, secondary, and higher education sectors. iRASD-JER publishes articles of a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary nature as well as empirical research from all aspects of educational research.

The journal publishes research papers, reviews and case studies, including but not limited to the following fields:

  1. Philosophical Foundations of Education
  2. Sociology of Education
  3. Social Mobility and Education
  4. Educational Psychology
  5. Learner and Learning
  6. Teacher and Classroom
  7. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education
  8. Guidance and Counselling in Education
  9. Teacher Education and Training
  10. Educational Planning and Administration
  11. Research in Education
  12. Economics of Education
  13. Evaluation and Measurement
  14. Elementary Education
  15. Secondary Education
  16. Higher Education
  17. Professional Education
  18. Vocational Education
  19. Adult Education
  20. Distance Education
  21. Value Education
  22. Health Education
  23. Peace Education
  24. Human Right Education
  25. Legal Literacy
  26. Consumer Education
  27. Minority Education
  28. Women Education
  29. Inclusive Education
  30. Students’ Activism
  31. Language Education
  32. Models of Teaching
  33. Social Commitment of Teachers
  34. Educational Policies and Projects