Emergence of SCO and its Relevance in 21st Century: A Constructivist Perspective

  • Hafiz Khuram Jamil Qureshi Independent Scholar
  • Dr Shah Rukh Hashmi Sukkur IBA University, Sukkur
Keywords: China, Regionalism, Russia, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Social Sciences, International Relations


Regional integration has been the most pronounced phenomenon of the last decade of 20th century. The end of cold war witnessed the emergence of many regional organizations. The Asian continent also didn’t lag behind rather follow suit and established several regional organizations. The-then Shanghai Five also emerged in order to discuss and deal with the border issues of the member states but with the changing scenario at international level it has evolved and broadened its agenda to discuss extra-regional affairs which are directly or indirectly hampering the progress of the region. This paper is an attempt to analyze relevance and evolution of the contemporary Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) through analytical prism of neo-functionalism. The paper takes into account the constructivist paradigm for regional integration and uses qualitative means to measure the relevance of the organization in an age of regionalization. 
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Qureshi, H. K., & Hashmi, D. S. R. (2020). Emergence of SCO and its Relevance in 21st Century: A Constructivist Perspective. Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 8(2), 83-96. https://doi.org/10.52131/pjhss.2020.0802.0106