iRASD Journal of Energy & environment (JEE) is an international bi-annual double-blind peer-reviewed open access journal addressing the issues of energy & environment published by the International Research Association for Sustainable Development (iRASD).
iRASD JEE is an interdisciplinary journal inviting energy policy analysts, natural scientists and engineers, as well as lawyers and economists to contribute to mutual understanding and learning, believing that better communication between experts will enhance the quality of policy, advance social well-being and help to reduce conflict. The journal encourages dialogue between the social sciences as energy demand and supply are observed and analysed with reference to politics of policy-making and implementation. The rapidly evolving social and environmental impacts of energy supply, transport, production and use at all levels require contribution from many disciplines if the policy is to be effective. In particular, iRASD JEE invites contributions from the study of policy delivery, ultimately more important than policy formation. The geopolitics of energy are also important, as are the impacts of environmental regulations and advancing technologies on national and local politics, and even global energy politics. iRASD JEE is a forum for constructive, professional information sharing, as well as debate across disciplines and professions, including the financial sector. The broader policy implications of submitted research should be addressed and environmental implications, not just emission quantities, be discussed with reference to scientific assumptions. This applies especially to technical papers based on arguments suggested by other disciplines, funding bodies or directly by policy-makers. iRASD JEE has been publishing since 2020.
Publisher: International Association for Sustainable Development (iRASD).
Frequency: Biannual 
Access: Open 
Medium: Print and Online 
Peer Review Process: Double-blind