From Consumer Needs to Corporate Success: Insights from a Survey on Product Perception

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Amish Asim


The objective of this paper is to investigate South Punjab, Pakistan, consumers' mindsets and perspectives about consumer behavior, product quality, and business strategies. A total of 57 respondents took part in the survey, which consisted of an extensive list of questions on a nine-point Likert scale to assess consumers' perceptions and decisions. The findings reveal respondents' diverse perspectives on what a basic human need is, the extent to which the consumer should decide on what a product and a service is, the quality of goods and services, and the appropriate business strategy. Though there is agreement on some pertinent tendencies, such as the paramount importance of customer satisfaction for the effective performance of organizations, views about particular brands are substantially divided by factors of individual inclinations. This way, the findings of this research represent highly beneficial insights for the businesses operating in this realm to establish what the consumers within it actually want. This knowledge can be crucial for them, allowing them to shape their strategies more based on the specifics of their consumers.

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Asim, A. (2024). From Consumer Needs to Corporate Success: Insights from a Survey on Product Perception. IRASD Journal of Management, 6(1), 10–20.
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Amish Asim, Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

Scholar, Department of Management Sciences