Reviving Fish Wealth in Oman Through Underwater Technology

  • laila said al_raiisi shinas
  • Mohammad Saqib  Middle East College,  Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Keywords: revive fish wealth, theoritical framwork, active environment, exploiting fish wealth, methodology, strategic of development


This electronic paper looks to revive fish wealth through underwater technology in finding a suitable and efficient way of fishing and marine wealth; which involves feasibility study after critical thinking, research interview methodology and shows research purpose. This will also include theoretical framework attached to the review of the literature and critical analysis of strategic decision-making model that may impact fisheries strategies. A strategic of development is the ability to understand the nature of the problem, then evaluate it by analyzing and identify the planned solutions as an active environment. Ultimately, in designing an adequate and efficient underwater technology system for exploiting fish wealth in Oman, in addition I will provide living examples of best practices in the world about this aspect. There are some potential approaches and how to handle the future of fisheries.

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Mohammad Saqib,  Middle East College,  Muscat, Sultanate of Oman



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