Climate Change Forecasting Using Machine Learning SARIMA Model


  • Shanza Zia The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan.



Climate Change, Forecasting, Machine learning, SARIMA Model, Artificial Intelligence, Time series


Every country's population will have to deal with the effects of climate change. The meteorological department needs to implement effective forecasting methods to deal with climate changes. Accurate temperature forecasts help in protecting people and property is an essential aspect of government, business, and the general public planning. Early predictions help farmers and industrialists to make approaches and store crops more effectively. When the climate continuously changes, it is not easy to make accurate predictions for the meteorological department and government authorities. Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms have stimulated improvements in various fields. Machine learning (ML) may find teleconnections where complicated feedbacks make it challenging to determine how proposed work from a straightforward analysis and observations. Our proposed research uses the machine learning algorithm, SARIMA Model, to comprehend and utilize existing datasets and simulations.

Author Biography

Shanza Zia, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

Department of Computer Science




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Zia, S. . (2021). Climate Change Forecasting Using Machine Learning SARIMA Model. IRASD Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 2(1), 01–12.